Imagine Leisure is not ‘just another consultant’. We are a true partner in realising ambitions, From A-through-Z. We turn ideas into unique concepts and feasible business cases, and deliver everything turnkey. We raise the needed capital, obtain the required permits, recruit and train staff, build the fit out and operate to prove we belief in what we create.

A shopping mall with solely stores for living, a new block of apartments or a renovation of an area into office spaces is outdated. Mixed use developments are becoming the new standard. More and more, there are office areas including restaurants, housing blocks with retail and shopping malls with leisure.

Leisure is becoming a more prominent factor in these developments. Not only does leisure provide an important reason to visit the area and increases the length of stay, more importantly, it provides the connection between the various facilities and creates a certain atmosphere.

Although an increasing amount of developments take into account the need for a more diverse supply, just adding some leisure to the mix is not enough. It’s important to analyse what kind of leisure would suit best and helps achieving the goals and reaching the target audience.

Imagine Leisure takes the necessary steps to analyse the market, clarify the goals and determine the terms. Based on those conditions, a concept will be developed for the leisure component of the development.

What we do

Dream Research

Intake, market analysis, concept development, feasibilitystudy and business cases.


Transforming concepts into a masterplan, including prliminary design and construction documents. Connecting the right (leisure) brands and operators and licensing.

Design Develop

Do Operations

Guidance of the whole process up to the opening of leisure facilities, including training of staff, testing, soft opening and grand opening.