Whether you are looking for more visitors, increasing revenues, want to offer a better guest experience, or grow your business by expanding, Imagine Leisure provides all the steps to realise your dreams. We deliver exciting new concepts, support marketing and help improve your business. In case of expansion plans, we arrange the market analysis, site selection and acquisition for your next location.

To remain interesting for visitors, continuous development of a museum, attraction or wellness facility is of great importance. It is through renewal that new audiences are reached, guests revisit or stay longer. This is essential for healthy business operations.

Imagine Leisure helps you with this further development. For existing institutions, we can perform a business scan, which we use to implement improvements. Or we develop a new concept that matches your organization and objectives.

For expansion dreams, we work on finding the right market, new locations, opportunities for takeovers and new formulas. We arrange everything that is needed, from market analysis to site selection to negotiation.

What we do

Dream Research

Marktanalyses, a scan of operations, location scans and feasibilitystudies.

Conceptdevelopment, including story, content and look & feel. Marketingplan, financing, licencing and masterplan development.

Design Develop

Do Operations

Management of realization. This can be the implementation of the concept or business improvements. For expansions, this includes soft opening, grand opening and continuous monitoring and improvement.