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Dream - Develop - Do

Imagine Leisure guides you through the whole process. From A through Z: from market analysis via concept development and financing, through building, recruitment and operating. This book can be divided in 3 chapters: Dream, Develop and Do.

Imagine Leisure provides all the steps necessary to realize the dream. Within these steps, we take care of the complete management, planning and finances of the project. Some steps ask for a specialist, in which we work with (inter)national partners who are the best in their field and have proven to work on the same high quality standards as we do.

We work in three phases. Each phase contains several steps. Not every step is needed in a project. At the start, we discuss with the client which steps are needed for the assignment, including the go/no go moment, which are always included in the process. The complete flow chart include the following steps.


The first chapter of the book. Your dreams pop up and turn into an ambition. Together with you, we perform in-depth research, transfer this dream and ambition into a feasible business case and design a great concept.


Concept Development


Market Analysis

Feasibiliy Study, including the business case and location scan


Chapter 2, Develop, takes us through the next steps: Masterplanning, raising enough funds, schematic designs, applying for permits, staff recruitment and so on. 







Finally, the last chapter, Do, is where it all comes together. Turning your dream into a real, profitable attraction. Building, testing, Grand Opening and regular operations.





Operations and monitoring

Tell us your dream

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