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Creating a tourist destination of your city or region, adding value to existing attractions and making sure tourists stay longer, spend more money and have more fun.

Tourism, and in a wider perspective leisure, is becoming more important for the development of a city, region or country. Tourism is a quickly growing market and a serious economic sector, providing not only many jobs, but also a market for cultural facilities as museums and theatres. 
Leisure in general has become a more important part of people‚Äôs lives. From a more luxury commodity, it is nowadays seen as a basic element in our daily lives and therefor people want this time to be spent well. And they are willing to pay for it as well. 

With this in mind, it has become more important for a city, region or country to make strategic decisions on how leisure activities are developed. With the right strategy, governments can influence the way that visitors are spread throughout the region. But it also makes it possible to get strong clusters of leisure that create synergy and a different identity/character for each cluster. For example, governments can influence an area to be developed into a more fun oriented destination or more focused on history/culture. Another way to differentiate is to focus on different target groups, for example an area especially for families with children or an area with entertainment for teenagers.
With such a strategy governments can prevent overcrowding from tourists, problem areas for going out or neighborhoods that are quiet and without any activities to undertake.

What we do

Market Analysis

An analysis of the current market and opportunities.


Of a concept of entertainment or activities for a neighborhood, city, region or specific site.



Defining a strategy on leisure and complimentary facilities


The acquisition of leisure facilities, finding the right operators and getting them to come to the region/location.

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