Leisure Operator

Performing research, creating new concepts, scanning the market for new opportunities and expanding to other destinations.

The Netherlands is a country which is densely populated. There are 17 million inhabitants and the spread of age groups and households is very even throughout the population. Looking for a nice time to spend spare time and the increasing number of tourists visiting the country, there is a lot of market space for the expansion of museums, attractions, experiences or other ways of having fun.

Imagine Leisure provides all the steps needed for facilities to either expand on location or elsewhere in the Netherlands or companies from abroad to expand to the country. We can provide all steps necessary for the expansion. From the market analysis to a location scan and from licensing to management and operations of the attraction. 

What we do


Market scan, location study and feasibility study for the leisure facility.

From A through Z

Finding necessary elements such as financing, building, locations, licenses, etc.


Concept development

Of the general idea of a attraction/experience.


Management of the complete operation, like soft opening, grand opening and monitoring the operation.

Tell us your dream

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