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Real Estate Development

Turning your shopping mall into a Retailtainment Center. Attract more visitors, who stay longer and spend more money. Giving them a reason to come back. 

A shopping mall with solely stores for living, a new block of just apartments or a renovation of an area into office spaces. These days are over. Developing a mixture of facilities is becoming the new standard. More and more, there are office areas including restaurants, housing blocks with retail and shopping malls with leisure. Or in some cases, the whole redevelopment is a mix of functions and usage.
Leisure is becoming a more prominent factor in these developments. Not only does leisure provide an important reason to visit the area and lengthens the stay, but more importantly, it provides the connection between the various facilities and creates a certain atmosphere because of the people using the facilities. 

Although an increasing amount of developments take into account the need for a more diverse supply, just adding some leisure to the mix is not enough. It’s important to analyse what kind of leisure would suit best and helps achieving the goals and reaching the target audience. 

Imagine Leisure takes the necessary steps to analyse the market, clarify the goals and determine the terms. Based on these conditions, a concept is developed for the leisure component in the development.

What we do

Tender procedures

Working out the leisure component in a tender for (re)development of a building or area.

Custom made

Developing a complete new (not existing) attraction.


Concept development

For attracting visitors to a shoppingmall, touristic centre, parking garage or neighborhood.


Finding the right brands, operators, contractors, financers and permits for realization.

Tell us your dream

Reach out to us and imagine leisure